Investing for More We earn a competitive annual income for our investors by refinancing the student loans of working professionals from top tier universities. Fund profits that exceed the annual income payout are shared with investors and participating universities as scholarships.

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Why Invest with
Impact Capital Funds?

Reduce your portfolio’s sensitivity to stock market volatility

Earn a profit for yourself, while helping others

Help working college grads by refinancing their higher cost student loans

Potential to generate scholarships

You feel great Investing for More!

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Invest Your Capital for Human Impact, Not Just Financial Gains


Make Your Money Matter

Millions of successful graduates from college, law school, medical school, and MBA school are dutifully repaying their student loans. By investing with Impact Capital Funds, you are helping yourself earn a competitive income stream and using your money to positively impact the upcoming generation of professionals.

Not only can your investment capital earn annual income for you, but when profits exceed the Fund income target, they.

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4% Yearly Income

Cash Payments or Reinvest

Helping Me, Helping Others

Medium 7-year Fund Term


Upside Potential

If Fund returns exceed the target 'hurdle rate' of 4% yearly -- then Fund profits are shared:

  • 50% to you, as investor
  • 50% to Impact scholarships

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