We Believe that Every Human Being has the Fundamental Right to be Educated

That higher education is transformative for individuals, their families, and communities, and that individuals and families, especially in under-resourced communities, should not be unduly burdened with student loan debt.

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Our mission is to harness investor capital to alleviate student loan debt burdens

by lowering interest rates for university alumni and their parents, to generate scholarships for financially under-resourced individuals, and to generate reliable and tax-advantaged returns for our investors.

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News & Updates

April 29, 2021

The ICF Guide to Student Loan Refinancing

Impact Capital Funds’ (ICF) student loan refinancing guide aims to guide a borrower who is considering refinancing student loans. Our intent is to provide a borrower with the tools necessary in order to be better informed, highly organized, and able to make a well-informed personal […]
April 9, 2021

The Ripple Effect – Student Loan Debt and the US Economy

Have you ever been outside near a pond and the first drop of rain gently splashes down? You watch as that single drop lands in the pond – plop! The taut surface of the water is strong, but the single drop of rain breaks the […]
April 1, 2021

Meet our CEO – Steps Along the Way (Part II)

“I think you should go” was what Elizabeth’s high school English teacher wrote at the bottom of her essay. Take a real-life event; argue the pros and cons; come to a decision. That was the assignment and Elizabeth focused on whether she should enroll at […]

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