Our Impact

Impact Capital Funds positively affects the lives of graduates who are held back by the burden of high-cost student debt. By using an innovative investment fund format, ICF can offer some of the lowest refinance loan rates. At ICF, our investment funds commit part of their capital to the stock market, where dividends and options generate income and potential profits for our fund investors. When and if Fund profits exceed our annual investor payout, the excess profits are shared as tuition scholarships at universities chosen by our investors.

Boomers and Millennials Helping Each Other

Help Lighten the Burden of Student Debt

Impact Capital Refinancing Saves Money

Federal Loan Program 2019 - 2020 rate IMPACT DIFF
Direct Unsubsidized loan 6.08% 4% -34%
Graduate PLUS loan 7.08% 4% -43%
Parent PLUS loan 7.08% 4% -43%

Help Borrowers Get on with Life!

Student Debt Delays Life's Milestones

Delay Children


Decide not to have children


Delay marriage
Have a Child


Delay having children
Buy a Home


Delay a home purchase
Save for Retirement


Delay saving for retirement

Impact Someone's Future Dramatically

A 27-year old professional with $150,000 of student debt refinances her loans from 7.0% to 4.0% with Impact Capital Funds. This saves her $17,940 over a 7-year loan term. By investing her monthly savings into her company's 401k account where it is matched by her employer (100% on first 2.5%), and letting it compound for 7 years at 8.0%, her nest egg grows to $177,837. If she continues this saving rate until full retirement at age 67, her nest egg will have grown to over $3,814,000! What a huge impact from refinancing her loans in her twenties and forming a good habit of saving money!

Refinance with Us

Help Generate Scholarships for your University

Nearly 70% of graduates today take on loans. The scholarships earned by our fund profits are donated to participating universities to be awarded to those with financial need.

Our unique Scholarship Commitment reduces the loan burdens of future graduates. When you refinance with us, you Help Yourself, and Help Others just like you!

Get on with Your Financial Life!

Get Married

Get married

Start a Family

Start a family

Save for a Home

Save for a home

Buy a Car

Buy a new car

Save for Retirement

Save for retirement

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