Impact Capital Funds is a Minority-Owned, Woman-Led Social Impact Fintech Platform on a Mission

To refinance burdensome student loans and create new scholarship opportunities for low-income, BIPOC, and first-generation college students.


“Brilliance is evenly distributed, though opportunity is not.”

We may not know who initially coined this phrase, but it is a fact that not every brilliant student has equal access to education or to college financing.

Historically, BIPOC students do not have the same level of family wealth to support their post-secondary education, necessitating greater indebtedness and often at higher interest rates than their White counterparts.

Women, regardless of ethnicity, are not compensated at the same level as their male counterparts, and therefore take longer to pay off an equal amount of debt. This is greatly exacerbated in the case of BIPOC women. These factors make the true cost of a college education fundamentally inequitable, i.e., more expensive, for low-income, BIPOC, and women who must borrow to pursue or complete their education.


ICF partners with social impact investors who share our values and commitment to equitable education, financial, and professional opportunities.

These investors are individuals, institutions, foundations, and corporations who recognize the vast potential that is lost when college graduates must make loan-payments their primary consideration when deciding whether to start a family, open a business, pursue an advanced degree, save for their children’s education, work for a non-profit, or save for their retirement. Conversely, our investors recognize the vast potential held by college graduates unencumbered by debt!

With our partner investors, ICF is determined to disrupt inequality from two distinct, but related, angles.

ICF has developed a proprietary model of investment, loan refinance, and scholarship creation.

Utilizing investment capital, we refinance high interest rate student loans, making it possible for credit-worthy college graduates to pay off their loans at a savings of 10-50%, enabling them to make personal and professional choices less encumbered by loan indebtedness.

At the same time, our investment model creates new scholarship money for low-income, first-generation, and BIPOC college students.

This new scholarship money begins to make the cost of college more equitable for all students, regardless of racial or financial background.

CEO and co-founder of ICF, C. Elizabeth Abeyta-Price, is herself a woman of color and a first-generation college graduate. She knows, firsthand, the profound impact that a college education can have not only on an individual but on a family and the community at large. Elizabeth’s co-founder, Craig Price, developed ICF’s proprietary investment model to help mitigate racial wealth and income disparities.


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